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Staying in the Present

The Best Laid Plans

Our last meeting was a barrel of laughs!  Thanks, Melissa Kornhaus our presenter for reminding us of the importance of presence and equanimity.  Much went “wrong” from the start.  After my 11:00 client walked out the door, I picked up my phone to notice a crazy bunch of messages, mostly trying to tell me that our regular venue, The Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach in Boynton did not have a room for us.  OMG dr.web cureit download kostenlos! Someone’s mistake!  After a breathless few minutes, I got back on the phone and located a room nearby.  We were graciously hosted by The Holiday Inn Express off Congress in Boynton.  Everyone in attendance headed over the the new space, only to experience a long and hungry delay for lunch to be delivered.  Seems our caterer placed our order in the hands of a new guy…and you know the rest wo kann ich google play store kostenlosen!

Staying Present

No one missed the irony of the day’s topic:  “Mindfulness” and it’s immediate relevance to all our experience that day.  Everyone stayed cool and kept their sense of humor.  ( I mostly did!) and we got to enjoy a great presentation by Melissa to a small group of die hard fans.  My favorite set of ideas from that morning remain with me:  point of view is everything!  How we look at and interpret events unfolding, especially adversity, will create our entire experience.  It’s not just sometimes that way.  It’s always that way herunterladen!

Come Back Soon! 

We see a lot of presenters and they all do a great job.  This one was special for so many reasons, most important, the gracious and thoughtful way Melissa helped us through it!  See you again soon roblox zumen!



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