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Upcoming events

    • 10 Sep 2021
    • 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM (EDT)
    • LIVE at Hanley Learning Center 933 45th St WPB 33407

    Mike Giresi is currently the Lead Counselor at Family First Adolescent Services, a residential and outpatient treatment center for adolescents and their families who struggle with addiction and trauma located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.  He found his passion for helping others through his own journey of healing and recovery. He started his career in the mental health field working with adult clients who suffered from complex trauma and PTSD, as well as chemical and process addictions. He has since traveled to India to study and become certified in Yoga and Meditation. He is a Florida Certified Addiction Counselor and an Internationally Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor through the International Certification & Reciprocity Consortium (IC&RC).  Mike is also a nationally Certified Trauma Professional through Spirit2Spirit Trauma Healing and has been trained in Integral Somatic Psychology (ISP) by Dr. Raja Selvam as well as Integral Breath Therapy by Carol Lampman.  In addition, Mike is excited to serve as a Training Assistant for the NARM Training Institute, helping to support clinicians as they learn the NARM approach to working with issues stemming from developmental, attachment and relational trauma.  

    • 15 Oct 2021
    • 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM (EDT)
    • LIVE at Hanley Learning Center 933 45th St WPB 33407

    Learning Objectives

    Define Mindfulness and Meditation in a way that is accessible to Adolescent clients

    ´Demonstrate an understanding of how Mindfulness increases emotional and mental resilience in adolescents

    ´Understand how to help clients become a more skilled observer of their thoughts

    ´Experience relevant Mindfulness practices  and understand how to use these practices with clients

    ´Demonstrate an understanding of how to help families improve communication and connection with their adolescent child through mindfulness

    ´Understand the 5 steps for working through difficult emotions with Mindfulness

    ´Understand and explain the 4 spheres of awareness and conceptualize treatment plans for their adolescent clients integrating the 4 spheres

    • 12 Nov 2021
    • 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM (EST)
    • LIVE at Hanley Learning Center 933 45th St WPB 33407

    Aaron Norton, LMHC

    This will be a LIVE three hour presentation on Ethics that will satisfy licensure requirements for 491 clinicians.  More information will be provided soon.

    • 14 Jan 2022
    • 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM (EST)
    • LIVE at Hanley Learning Center 933 45th St WPB 33407

    Luna Medina-Wolf, LMHC, NCC, MCAP

    More information will become available during early Summer on this live event with Luna. 

Past events

11 Jun 2021 Targeting Trauma: Filling the Gaps
14 May 2021 Love Wins: Trauma, Adversity and Healing
16 Apr 2021 Rethinking Personality Disorders: The Search for Secure Attachment
12 Mar 2021 Bottomless: The Marchman Act and Other Radical Approaches to Addiction
12 Feb 2021 The Happiness Trap: Spirituality, Psychotherapy and Holistic Health
15 Jan 2021 Food and Mood: Eating and Emotional Regulation in the Pandemic
8 Jan 2021 Required Renewal Ethics Course 3 hrs
19 Dec 2020 Required Renewal Laws and Rules 3Hrs
17 Dec 2020 Required Renewal Medical Errors 2 Hrs
17 Dec 2020 Required Renewal Medical Errors 2 Hrs
9 Dec 2020 Required Renewal Laws and Rules 3Hrs
3 Nov 2020 Sexual Betrayal: Helping Couples Survive
9 Oct 2020 Surviving or Thriving? Strategies to Build a Smart Private Practice During the Pandemic
26 Jun 2020 Fearless Love: Relationship Sanity During Crazy Times
5 Jun 2020 Telehealth for Counselors: Zooming Into a New Era
22 May 2020 Close Up: COVID-19 Through the Lens of Inpatient Psychiatry
14 Feb 2020 Never Enough: Homeostasis, Marijuana and Opiate Addiction
24 Jan 2020 A Unified Partnership: Attorneys & Mental Health Counselors
14 Dec 2019 Soul Tending: Healing the Wounded Healer
13 Dec 2019 From PTSD to PTG: Psychological Resilience after Community Crisis
22 Nov 2019 Accurate Diagnosis: Tools for Effective Clinical Mental Health and Substance Abuse Evaluation
25 Oct 2019 Sex, Drugs & Rock-Solid Recovery: Regaining Intimacy
13 Sep 2019 Saving Lives: Getting Loved Ones into Treatment Using the Marchman Act
7 Jun 2019 Half Day Qualified Supervisor Refresher Training June 7th, 9 to 1
6 Jun 2019 Two Day Qualified Supervisor Training June 6 & 7th , 9 to 3 both days
31 May 2019 More than Addiction: Comprehensive Approaches to Co-Occurring Disorders
3 May 2019 ICISF Group Crisis Certification
19 Apr 2019 Eating Disorders Don't Discriminate: Screening for Signs and Symptoms
15 Mar 2019 Marijuana: Weeding Out Fact From Fiction
15 Feb 2019 Love Wins: Trauma, The Nervous System and Recovery
2 Feb 2019 Trained Crisis Responder Certification Course
4 Jan 2019 Communal Trauma: A Journey of Hope (Free CE Workshop)
1 Jan 2019 Ethics, Medical Errors, Renewal Laws & Rules: 8 Hour Friday Course
16 Nov 2018 Starry Nights: Non-suicidal Self-injury
12 Oct 2018 No Time to Lose: Accelerating Trauma Resolution
14 Sep 2018 On Becoming A Master Therapist: Personal and Professional Journeys
24 Aug 2018 Using Emotions in Therapy: Gottman, Ekman, Norcross and Napier
18 May 2018 Borderlines Part 2: Treating Personality Disorders
12 Apr 2018 Affluenza: Family Pathology of Excessive Wealth
16 Mar 2018 Radical Self Care: Mindfulness and Making Money in Therapy
16 Feb 2018 Intimacy Interrupted: How Sex and Other Addictions Destroy Relationships
26 Jan 2018 Marketing Strategies for Private Practice Owners (Special Engagement)
19 Jan 2018 Lifting the Fog: Integrating Bio/Neurofeedback into Dual Diagnosis Treatment
15 Dec 2017 The Body Keeps Score: Healing Trauma from Linehan to Van der Kolk
17 Nov 2017 Teens, Sex and Social Media
13 Oct 2017 Build Your 6 Figure Dream Private Practice
9 Jun 2017 Complicated Pain: Breaking the Destructive Opioid Spiral
21 Apr 2017 Treating the "Un-treatable": Borderline Personalities and Getting Results
10 Feb 2017 Failure to Launch: Issues and Strategies for Troubled Young Adults
6 Jan 2017 Medical Errors, Ethics, Domestic Violence
18 Nov 2016 Treating Complex Co-Occurring Disorders: A Team Approach

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